As it says

Just do your fucking job.

How many do you find?

I cant help but watch again (and again).

That’s not a knife!!!

Make the Movie #BringbackDundee

Absolute gold!!!

If you didn’t love lamb before, you will now!

John Oliver V Bill English

Hilarious 5 minutes of late night television

Sacked for this?!? #FiredNotFired

What a priceless reaction.

Loving the quick actions of mum

Not too sure about the brush aside by dad.

These reactions are priceless

While the fake book covers may offend, they will certainly make you smile.

When a short film really is a short film

Where every second counts, and a hostage situation can make you laugh.

Isn’t it beautiful when both sides get along

An absolute classic that’s sure to put a smile on your dial.

When Channel 7 cuts to breaking news about a mop

Paint a nail to start the conversation, and stop child abuse. Go to

A healthy diet helps make humankind the best it can be

It only took 30 years and $30 Billion dollars to finally prove it.

More entertainment in a worrying election lead-up

Trump gets trumped.

Geico continually leading the way

How to best beat the skip button.

How online ads can get in the way of the message

Vimeo sticks it to YouTube.

Some good news out of Chechnya

The online scam you gotta love.

Guess who’s been to Aldi

What more and more Aussie homes are looking like.

The Maxibon Strap-on

Keeps me laughing all the way through.


Go Richie. Happy ‘Straya Day.

They don’t care

When the actual song gives an ad a slightly different meaning.

Wii Fit Trainer like you’ve never seen

Cant wait for this!

Don’t the banks take enough?

Please don’t take my drink too.

Love em, or not…

Google sure makes life easier.

Aptly named “Off the Grid”

The Oscars trailer that sure is off the grid. 

Everybody needs good neighbours

Just like these.

Somethings just need a simple explanation


The most expensive global ad Adidas has ever made

No wonder, when you look at those featured, including David Beckham, NBA basketball player Derick Rose, Belgian mountain biker Kenny Belaey, Katy Perry, rapper BoB, French hip hop producer DJ Medhi and LA rock band The Like.

Some interesting stats about us Australians

– Three Australians die each year testing if a nine-volt battery works on their tongues.

– One hundred and forty-two of us were in injured in 1999 by not removing all the pins from new shirts.

– Each year fifty-eight Australians are injured by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers.

– Thirty-one have died since 1996 by watering their Christmas tree while the fairy lights were plugged in.

– Eight Australians suffered serious burns in 2000 trying on a new jumper with a lit cigarette in their mouths.

– Five hundred and forty-three were admitted to emergency in the past two years after opening bottles of beer with their teeth.

– In 2000 eight Australians cracked their skull while throwing up into the toilet.

Thanks to Rachel Berger and The Weekly Review

Networks at war!

Channel 9 gives it to Seven.