Because good things should be preserved

The Shepparton Preserving Company is the last Australian cannery using homegrown produce. But Australians no longer value the quality of preserved fruit. To remind people that what’s inside a can of SPC is special we created Preserved Memories. Using SPC’s own preserving process, we invited people to preserve their most cherished items in uniquely designed SPC cans. Driven through social media, there was an outpouring of emotion as Australians shared their deeply personal stories.

Hundreds of precious items were then chosen and individually sealed inside cans designed around the owners’ memories. This created personalised time capsules, building lifelong connections with the brand.

Celebrating the families who grow our food. #MyFamilyCan packaging design halted a sales dip within the first month selling 1m units to deliver a 17% sales uplift, 1.2m direct social interactions, 3.7m video views leading to #1 Australian FMCG brand for engagement.


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Increase in Social Growth


FMCG brand for engagement in Australia


Increase in Positive Brand Affinity